Wandering Yacht Montenegro can arrange duty free fuelling for your yacht. All you have to do is give us at least 72 hours notice. Once you make a request, we will confirm your fuel access booking against fuel stock of 800,000 liters.

Fuelling your yacht with duty free fuel in Bar or Porto Montenegro requires a valid Vignette and a stamp detailing your vessel’s details, Wandering Yacht Montenegro will streamline you through the process, providing you with a smooth fuelling experience.

                VHF Channel 14/16 Bar 

                VHF Channel 71 Porto Montenegro

  • Fuelling operations are available everyday.

  • The fuelling dock for large vessels up to 250 meters in length can be booked reserving a time in the port.

  • No minimum fuelling required.

  • Fuelling of both private and commercial vessels.

  • 72 hour notice required for fuelling.

  • The Fuelling dock in Porto Montenegro is at the end of Jetty 3, and includes a Jet Ski Pontoon.

Important Note!

Upon completion of bunkering, vessels are mandatorily required to depart the territorial waters of Montenegro, (ME) as local legislation does not permit consumption of duty free fuel inside country’s territorial waters.

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