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A Global Nautical Luxury Brand

Our Holding Charter Office is based in Tivat, Montenegro. Subsidiaries in Barcelona, Spain & Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Currently developing our offices and team in the Middle East.

The Montenegro Team covers the Adriatic, Caspian, Black and North Seas.

The Barcelona Team covers the Mediterranean Sea.

The Fort Lauderdale Team covers the Americas, Bahamas, British Virgin Isles, Caribbean and West Indies.

Currently in development in the Middle East which will cover the Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean & Red Sea.

Water is our MindLand is our BodyWandering Yacht is our Spirit.

Yacht Chartering


Management &
Port Services



Your Ideal Global Yacht Charter

Wandering Yacht’s international destinations have been chosen for your perfect Yacht Charter. Your charter is organized with the highest attention to details as well as safety for all passengers onboard. Your very own person travel itinerary, ensuring a seamless and luxurious immersive experience that will leave you and your family, colleagues and friends with incredibly long lasting memories. Our charter teams will be involved well beyond the booking and transactional stage fulfilling your bespoke itinerary as you designed it.

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Yacht Chartering

Yacht Sales

Our yacht sales team specialist in each regional hub of Wandering Yacht are ready to find your vessel with your budget in mind. We have a vast international partnership with dealers directly to get boats for you to see before they are listed online. Please send us a WhatsApp to any of our international numbers to inquire now. Start your journey to yacht ownership and let it become your reality.

We are simply waiting to hear from you!

Management, Port Services, Berthing & Fuelling

Wandering Yacht’s experienced operational, management team will streamline the process of fuelling, choosing your berth, providing you with a smooth experience. Then manage what you need us to do. Carrying out your technical, mechanical, financial, cleaning or provisioning services. Whether your berth will be for short term / long term in any marina you have an interest in keeping your vessel. We also have recommended ports that can save you 30% or more in yearly costs. Our team of regional experts and partners can manage every aspect of your administration and compliance services. We can charter out your vessel as well to save you financial costs throughout the year.
Yacht Chartering
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Concierge Services

At Wandering Yacht we pride ourselves on attention to your exceptional details. A reliable concierge service that can be daily or yearly. Villa Rentals, Private Aviation booking, Chef Private Dining, Event Planning, Shopping or Transfers. Our team is there to carry out and ensure that the level of luxury services are continuous onboard as well as on shore. Inquire now!

Luxury Store

Our unique and beautiful products are created with you, the yachting lifestyle enthusiast, in mind. Carefully hand-stitched fine leather and vegan leather grade handbags, evening bags, weekender bags made in both Italy and Switzerland. Exclusive slip-on shoes handmade from a master shoe carpenter artisan in Italy where the leather is woven to perfection and many colors to choose from. We have fine jewelry made in various countries around the world designed just for our beautiful logo to shine on you. Our collaboration with international brands has catapulted Wandering Yacht into its own fabulously free feeling discerning fashion look and style. Created as a luxury brand with sustainability and care, Wandering Yacht has a bright future ahead as new products are added throughout the year. Join our insider club for product updates when new items are added.

Preventi Shoes

Charter, Berth, Booking & Enquiries

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