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Chartering, FuellingBerthing, Management and Concierge.

At Wandering Yacht, the luxury, convenience, and discretion of our clients are of utmost importance to us.

Indulge in a seamless experience that leaves you with lasting memories.

Contact our multilingual team of consultants to begin your special journey.

Water is our MindLand is our BodyWandering Yacht is our Spirit.






Your Dream Global Yacht Charter 

Wandering Yacht’s charters are organised with the highest attention to detail, ensuring a seamless luxury experience that will leave you with lasting memories. Our charter broker will be involved well beyond the booking stage and will assist you with forming a bespoke itinerary for you and your guests.

Wandering Yacht can organise your yacht charter anywhere in the world. 


Wandering Yacht’s experienced team will streamline you through the process of fuelling, checking you into the dock and providing you with a smooth experience. We service all ports.

We will take care of your Yacht Berthing

Wandering Yacht can organise your yacht’s berth in any marina in the world.

We have our favourite locations, which can save you over 30% in berthing costs. For instance, Montenegro, known as the ‘jewel of the Adriatic’, is home to several full-service luxury marinas. Our office there is ready to serve you. Its central-Mediterranean location, combined with the fact that it is a financial tax-haven with yacht-friendly legislation makes it an attractive and financially advantageous location for a homeport berth.

Berths are available both short-term and long-term. Contact us now to find out more.

Yacht management


Are you an owner of a yacht who would like to have a worry-free owning experience whilst also potentially generating some income from your yacht at times when it is not being used?

Our team of experts are ready to manage all aspects of your yacht to the highest standard: operations, administration, accounting and compliance. Your yacht can be placed on offer for charter with Wandering Yacht. 

Concierge Services

At Wandering Yacht we pride ourselves on providing exceptional, attentive, and reliable service to our clients. Our global Concierge Services are designed for the discerned luxury traveller.

Our team’s duty is to ensure that the level of luxury service you are used to onboard your yacht remains elevated at the same level throughout your destination.

Concierge services

Booking and Enquiries

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