We are an original concept. A global nautical luxury brand.
Upon arrival until departure Wandering Yacht will take care of your Captain,
your Owner, your Family, your Guests.
At Wandering Yacht, your luxury, convenience and comfort is of utmost importance to us. Arriving, checking in, launching and docking are all in our hands so you can enjoy your much awaited Montenegro experience. Let us know about your sightseeing plans and mapping out your itinerary where we will put our expertise to work, assisting you with an unforgettable adventure.



Water is our Mind. 

Land is our Body. 

 Wandering Yacht is our Spirit.


Concierge Services

We cater to your needs at port

The Captain & Vessel

The Discerned Owner and Family

  The Very Special Guests

*Our Concierge Services are exclusively reserved for the Super Yachts that we Berth and / or Charter.

Wandering Yacht 

Marine Shore Services

Port Services



Begin your Charter from Montenegro

Chartering a vessel from Wandering Yacht Montenegro will have you quickly in the center of the Adriatic Sea between Italy, Greece and Croatia. Flying into Tivat (TIV), or into the capital Podgorica (TGD) is direct from many cities worldwide. If you are driving into Montenegro heading towards the coast via Croatia or Albania then you will have an advantageous position in the Adriatic coastline to begin your charter that is pristine and will allow your journey to kickstart into the very heart of the Yacht World just by chartering from here. Choose a vessel that suits you and embark from either the beautiful new PORTO MONTENEGRO or the upcoming PORTO NOVI marina's. Your incredible launch from Montenegro can enhance your dream onto water as everywhere surrounding this incredible traveler's secret is nature's wild beauty. We have an expanded selection of beautiful yachts we can price well for you. Choosing to Charter with us will allow your group, your family so much more for their journey. All of our concierge services are included in your booking. Wandering Yacht will welcome you then aid your group or family to make sure your charter and your stay run smoothly and memorable. Our team will have you on board with immediate ease by coordinating your group and luggage into your new floating home.



Take a moment to visit our open-office luxury lounge and contemporary concept store where you can relax and meet our team, have a coffee, tea, smoothie and fresh juice. Relax at our WiFi bar with your laptop. We have unique pieces of art and decorative objects available to purchase that may just be perfect for your vessel's impressive interiors. Choose some of our own apparel by Wandering Yacht, a trendy sportswear line with the exclusive Wandering Yacht logo that only the discerned nautical traveler will know. 




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