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Yacht Chartering

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Global Yacht Charters

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Barcelona, Spain. Tivat, Montenegro, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Changi, Singapore. These 5 regional hubs are the easiest and most luxurious locations to arrive at before your charter. There are many arrival locations in the world, but they may not be luxury-minded. Here at Wandering Yacht, we strive for the most luxurious. 

Yacht Chartering

Wandering Yacht’s charters are organised with the highest attention to detail, ensuring a seamless luxury experience that will leave you with lasting memories

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You can choose Yachts in any country from 16M up to 100M+. Added taxes depend on the country the vessel was transferred from or where you will embark. We will find one in your budget. Always there will be a 30% APA as an extra deposit in case of extra food,fuel or port fees are needed. The remaining amount is returned upon your completed charter.


Adriatic & Eastern Mediterranean

Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey and Greece

West Mediterranean

French Riviera, Corsica i Sardinia, The Balearics and Italy

Caribbean & Bahamas

Caribbean and The Bahamas

North America

South East Alaska and New England

South Pacific

French Polynesia and Fiji

South East Asia

Seychelles, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam

Get in touch to book your dream Montenegro yacht charter and discover this country’s grand history for yourself.

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